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My art is my hobby and an outlet for what I love.

I DO NOT HIRE/PAY MODELS - I don't do this for a paycheck, so, I pick and choose what/who I shoot. NO, you can't pay me... that means I would work for you... not gonna happen! I will do limited testing (notice it does NOT say TFP!) if your idea strikes me as something I would like to do, or I need your look for publication, etc., and you are NOT a MINOR (no exceptions). Be prepared to shoot the style that is in my port, i.e., you most likely will be nude.

RATES: Mine are twice whatever yours are, plus $100hr "stupid" fee for you not reading the above.

A few "RULES"...

1) I shoot 90% Nudes. I.E., if you port says "no nudes" DON'T email me wanting to shoot!! The few non-nudes I shoot are AFTER I have shot what I need for art piece... i.e., once I shoot what I want, I'll let you shoot something you want.

2) If you require an "escort" or you want compensation for anything, a CD/DVD, raw images, part of proceeds from art sales, printable sized images, a release giving you ANY rights to images, etc., etc.... DON'T WASTE YOURS or MY TIME!! It's not going to happen.

3) Males or "plump" (BBW... big... overweight... you get it?) ... I have no use for +size or male models... don't get butt-hurt when I don't add you to friends... this isn't myspace!!

4) I DON'T CARE if you think you are famous or you've been in Playboy, Maxim, etc.,... good for you... I don't shoot for them, and I'm STILL not going to pay you, regardless!

If you still fit what I might want (fit into the above rules) then, tell me...

I don't consider myself a "photographer", even though I take 99% of the photos that I "manipulate". I am a 52yr old co-owner of an Ad Agency, ACE and SIAT Certified Advanced Photoshop Instructor, internationally published artist (traditional and digital), and co-founder of the #1 fetish show in the nation, Purgatory (

I love the female form. It, in itself, is art. Add that to the strong "fantasy" art influence I had in my younger years from Boris, etc., and being a "traditional" artist (before computers) that is what drives me to create the manipulations I do...

I don't do it for money. I do it for my personal pleasure.

PS: For those who have asked, or were going to, yes, I'm native... 3/4 Comanche, 1/4 Scotch Irish.

PSS: Yes, I have a damned MySpace...

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